Ages 10-Teen Years

Tap, Ballet, Jazz Combination

Please choose one class. (Note that most times of classes coincide with other specialty class times.) 10-14 year combination classes

Tuesday 4:00-5:30 (9-11 year)
Wednesday 5:15-6:45
Thursday 6:45-8:15
Saturday 10:00-11:30

Advanced Class by Instructor Invitation (new students must audition)
Daisy Dance Connector - Thursday 4:30-6:00
Cadet Dance Connector - Monday 5:00-6:30
Micro Dance Connector - Tuesday 4:00-5:30
Mini Dance Connector - Wednesday 4:15-5:45
Junior Dance Connector - Wednesday 7:30-9:00
Dance Connector - Wednesday 7:30-9:00

1-1/2 hour/week

Girls: any leotard & tights, black tap shoes, pink ballet slippers, black jazz shoes & dance bag (shoes, tights, & dance bags are available at Dance Connection)

Connector Girls: Leotard, tights, optional: dance shorts or jazz pants (must be form fitting), Canvas 1/2 soles, BLACK SPLIT SOLE Tap Shoes, Dance bag 

Boys: t-shirt, shorts, black tap shoes, black ballet slippers, black jazz shoes & dance bag

Hip Hop

Get funky in this fun, high energy very popular class!

Please choose class. (Note that times of classes coincide with most combination class times.)

Tuesday 5:30-6:00  10-14 year
Thursday 4:00-4:30 preteen
Friday 7:15-7:45 preteen
Saturday 11:30-12:00  10-14 year

Monday 6:15-7:15
Tuesday 5:30-6:00
Thursday 7:15-8:15

Tuesday 7:00-8:00

1/2 hour or 1 hour

Girls: any leotard and tights OR tank top and shorts & clean street sneakers

Boys: t-shirt, shorts & clean street sneakers

(shoes, tights, & dance bags are available at Dance Connection)

Musical Theatre

Upbeat, fun and personality make up this class while grasping the character in you.

Monday 8:00-8:45 preteen
Wednesday 6:45-7:30 10-14 year
Thursday 6:00-6:45 preteen
Friday 5:45-6:30 preteen
Saturday 9:15-10:00 10-14 year

Tuesday 6:15-7:00
Thursday 8:15-9:00

45 minute


Utilize the concept of many rhythms as well as total body articulation in this very popular class.

Monday 7:15-8:00 preteen
Friday 5:00-5:45 preteen

Monday 5:30-6:15
Tuesday 5:30-6:15

45 minute

Ballet Technique

***advanced students only - Strictly technique based discipline class.

Tuesday 8:45-9:30

45 minutes


Preparation Pointe

Students 12 years and older.  Instruction will continue on ankle strength, poise and posture with the end goal of going on pointe.

Monday 6:30-7:15

45 minutes

Pointe (preparation pointe is a prerequisite)

Beauty, grace and elegance continues with student work on pointe.

Wednesday 5:45-6:45 Intermediate
Monday 8:00-9:00 Advanced

1 hour


Connect mind and body with emotion using expression of inner feeling.

Monday 4:15-5:00 preteen
Tuesday 8:15-9:00 preteen
Friday 6:30-7:15 preteen
Saturday 12:00-12:45 10-14 year

Monday 7:15-8:00 Advanced
Monday 7:15-8:00 Intermediate
Thursday 6:30-7:15

45 minutes


We give you the tools to work together and create a dance with instructors guidance.  This creation will be performed in our recital.

Tuesday 7:30-8:15

45 minutes

Stretch & Strength

In this technique based class, students will improve their stretch, work on extension, improve skills in leaps and turns, strengthen core & much more!

Tuesday 8:00-8:45 Advanced
Wednesday 6:45-7:30 Intermediate

45 minutes


45 minutes $56/month

1 hour $59/month

1-1/4 hour $65/month

1-1/2 hour $70/month

1-3/4 hour $76/month

2 hour $82/month

2-1/4 hour $87/month

2-1/2 hour $93/month

2-3/4 hour $98/month

3 hour $104/month

3-1/4 hour $109/month

3-1/2 hour $115/month

3-3/4 hour $120/month

4 hour $126/month

every 1/4 hour/week add $6.00/month


Private Lesson (1/2 hour per week) $20/week
Duet Lesson (1/2 hour per week) $16/week each
Trio Lesson (1/2 hour per week) $14/week each