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The new home of Dance Connection is 1385 Empire Blvd! 

Our new location is a custom built, state of the art dance studio! Be sure to follow along here on Facebook for more updates!

Dance Connection is a family oriented dance studio where students of all ages are inspired to have fun, be active, and make new friends! We believe in teaching MORE than just dance in a nurturing, and safe environment. All of our instructors are knowledgeable, qualified, motivating, and have a passion for sharing their love of dance with everyone! 


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Families Thoughts

  • Over the last 8 years my daughters have had the best dance teachers and role models at Dance Connection and we love each and every one of them who encourage them and believes in them!! 

  • Another great year in the books!  Areana has been with this dance family for many years now. We have seen her grow into a beautiful young lady and we have probably a few adopted dance kids from the time here. We have been in our new home for a year now and when we were looking for a new place Dance Connection was the number one thing Amy and Areana were not giving up. The  dedication and love you pour into these kids is amazing! I have never seen anything like it. Keep doing what your doing with everyone and never change. --Jorge S (Areana's Dad)

  • Ever since my daughter joined the Dance Connection family ( And yes they do treat each person as a family member) we have seen her in a way we could never imagine. This is not just any dance school, this is a dance experience with never ending possibilities. You are as good as you want to be and as good as those who teach you. Dance Connection has been a positive influence for not only the city but the surrounding areas. Keep up the great work!

  • My daughter just performed in her 4th recital this past Saturday. To say DC is a family-oriented studio is an understatement. Denise is a wonderful person with a big heart. She truly cares about the students and their families. Every last one of the instructors has been wonderful and my daughter absolutely loves them. I look forward to many more years of Dance at this wonderful studio with these wonderful people!

  • When my daughter first started dancing here, it was to get her out of the house and get some of the energy out of her system. Now as she is going into her 5th year, I have found this studio and its instructors to be family. She has learned so much and is excited to learn more about dance. The instructors are patient with the kids and have fun with them. She completed her first solo and I am in awe of the confidence this girl has on the stage and can’t wait for the next few years as she learns more!. And this is all due to the wonderful instructors and the guidance they provide!

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