Gearing Up For Spring and Summer!

Wow! What a great first half of the dance season! We officially have our grownup and me classes AND our tumbling classes in full swing every six weeks. As we prepare for "Dance Christmas" (that's what we call the chaos of Spring at Dance Connection), I just want to take a minute to think about and be grateful for the family that we have made... From watching our littlest 18 month old dancers come into class for the first time, to winding down with our seniors the last couple weeks at the studio, I can't help but to just be so extremely thankful for all of this that we have built together. 

It's hard to just take a minute and reflect on all that is happening this time of year - we're in the midst of planning our benefit show, annual recitals, a NEW Spring break session, getting ready to start another 6 week session in March, Summer.... and next Fall already! We're still going to offer our usual classes (tap, ballet, jazz, combination, modern, hip hop, musical theatre, african, lyrical, contemporary, adult classes) for performances. For our 6 week classes, we will be offering technique for our older students, grownup & me, music and movement, tumbling, adult fitness, and a few combination classes for those who do not want to perform but just want to have fun and dance (because that's what it's all about!)