Adult Modern

Connect your mind and body using expression of inner feeling while dancing! 

Adult Tap

Learn to tap during this high energy class!

Adult Hip Hop

Get FUNKY and SWEATY! This high energy class will get your heart rate up while having fun! 

Adult Fusion

You will learn both ballet and jazz during this class. Together, the instructor and dancers will decide which style dance will be choreographed and performed. 

**All adult classes will have choreographed routines to perform in our annual recital! We highly encourage you to join in the performance but it is not required if you would prefer to just dance.

45 minute class- $70/month

1-1/2 hour class TAKE TWO CLASSES - $85 total/month

2-1/4 hour class TAKE THREE CLASSES - $103 total/month

3 hour class TAKE FOUR CLASSES - $121 total/month

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