Choice AwardsBest Rochester

Join us as we perform at the Atrium in City Hall, Thursday April 28th.  7:00.  No admission. 

DC's Dancing for A Cause Benefit Show

Published March 22nd, 2019 by Denise Ronco

Our Dancing for A Cause 2019 Benefit Show raised $7500 for Gigi's Playhouse!  

Dance Connection has contributed over $124,000 to local charities.  Our 2018 benefit for Jack's Foundation raised $7200.  Our 2017 benefit for The Hickok Center for brain injury raised $9000!  In 2016 Dance Connection donated $7200 to IACKids to provide financial assistance to families in need while children are in long term treatment ( We also donated $5,000 to Light the Night (research for blood diseases).  And the list goes on...!  Thank you to the community for donations!

New Dance Lover

Published September 12th, 2017 by Denise Ronco

Received this great email this morning!  "Thank you for a great first day at dance yesterday! Sienna told us this morning, "I want to dance forever." She loves your studio, and we do too!"

North Winton Village Festival of The Arts

Published June 18th, 2017 by Denise Ronco

Join us Saturday, September 14th at Linear Garden, as we perform for our neighborhood!  See you at 12:00pm!

Dance Connection makes a DIFFERENCE

Published April 27th, 2016 by Denise Ronco

In May, we entertained the seniors at St. Ann's Nursing Home & Baywinde Senior Community.  Giving back to our community is what we instill in our students.

Dance Connection makes a DIFFERENCE

Published April 27th, 2016 by Denise Ronco

In May, we will be entertaining the seniors at St. Ann's Nursing Home & Elder Care Senior Community.  Children of all ages will be putting smiles on senior's faces.  Giving back to our community is what we instill in our students.

Upcoming Shows!

Published April 27th, 2016 by Denise Ronco

Join us as we perform at the Atrium at City Hall, Wednesday, April 26th at 7:00pm.  Free admission!


Recital Week

Published June 3rd, 2015 by Denise Ronco

~~So this maybe a little sappy... But here we go. We are in recital week for Adele. We are quickly approaching her first dance recital and my heart is jumping with joy. At the same time I am watching pictures and stories come through of my old studio as they too are wrapping up the dance season. It's a crazy feeling thinking about the first kids I taught at age 3 and now they are going off to college AND my own daughter is approaching her first recital. No matter how many years or states are between us, I will always be a DC girl and have such great memories of all my fellow DC girls. Denise, thank you for passing along the love of dance, which I so enjoy seeing in my own daughters face. Man, recital week has me really sappy and we haven't even gotten to see Adele dance yet. There are happy tears in my future for sure.

Note from one of our graduating senior's mom

Published June 1st, 2015 by Denise Ronco

It’s hard to believe all these years flew by so quickly.  Many of us will say your studio and entire team has been like family to our kids through these past several years.   It will be a very emotional day for all the seniors and parents.  You not only teach our kids the structure of dance but to always have fun and most importantly how to give back to the community.  You and your staff will be greatly missed!


Published May 27th, 2015 by Denise Ronco

Join us as we entertain at Gates Chili Service Club benefit on Friday, May 29th at 7:00 & St. Rita's Fiesta on Saturday, May 30th at 3:30!

Convention Scholarship Recipients

Published January 5th, 2015 by Denise Ronco

Several of our students received scholarships at a recent dance convention.  They were recognized for their hard work and enthusiasm during the convention by the master teachers.  We are proud of them and all our students that participated in this recent event.



  • Our Dance Families Thoughts

    We have been so blessed to have you and all of the instructors in our lives for all of these years. You have helped to shape Carrie into the amazing, self-confident and talented young lady that she has turned out to be. Without dance she would not have developed the ability and drive to try new things and just be herself.  She has just blossomed under your care and tutelage. We can't thank you enough for what you all have done for Carrie. Dance Connection is such a special place. I am positive that there are no other dance studios in town where kids feel such a part of a loving family.  

    Shari McVay